"Dr B is absolutly amazing he really takes his time to explain what needs to be done.. when he works he makes u feel very comfertable..I give him an absolute A all around.. you may have to wait a little because his office is busy, but its definatly worth the wait"

"Oh my goodness! What a wonderful dentist! I just left Dr. Bifsha's office and I went in petrified. His friendly and warm assistant made me feel so comfortable. I need a lot of work done but she explained every step to me. Dr. Bifsha is extremely gentle and "not bad on the eyes"...I love the staff here and so will you! I plan on bringing my teenagers to see him as well. Im looking forward to my new smile!"

" I cannot say enough about this doctors gentle hands and kind heart! I went in crying with a swollen face and was squeezed in the schedule after being numbed within minutes. Dr. B was able to start a root canal and relieve the pressure on my face. One week later, I got to keep my tooth and no more swelling. No one likes the dental experience but everyone needs it at one time or another. I am glad I found him for when these occasions do come up. My family and I will be permanent patients!"

Valued Patient Feedback

"Dr. B as the staff call him is absolutely amazing. I took my 7 year old to him for an exam and my baby ended up needing some fillings. Dr. B was so kind and gentle, I made an appointment for the rest of my family to see him. He does run a bit off scedule but as I understand it...he sees a lot of emergencies. So even though you will wait to see him, the wait is without a doubt worth it. He has a lifelong family of patients over here."

"dr. bifsha made it easy for me. may our Creator keep him safe and make life easy for him."